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Digitized Precious Metals On The Ethereum Blockchain

Participate of this new and exciting investment sector with potentially superior returns, managed by a team of financially experienced professionals.

The company is reorganising its corporate structure, management team and searching for new partners that can contribute to a redefined business focus.
Interested parties can contact us at

token details

ERC20 address 0x739d2fccf04889965b6f4eb7830f5b7270fab2c1

WHAT DOES THIS TOKEN REPRESENT? These tokens represent the ownership of 30 g of LBMA compliant bullion gold. Orocrypt has a custodian and fiduciary duty to token holders.
PAYOUT Orocrypt will issue the gold token in Q1 of 2018. Orocrypt will charge a 1% commission fee over gold spot price on all sales of one token or more and a .04 % transfer fee when they are transferred between wallets. Fees for less than one Token will be: 5% for purchases between 0.9 and 0.5 token and 10% for purchases between 0.5 and 0.1 Token.
TOTAL SUPPLY ​​Open supply. The gold tokens will be backed 100% by bullion gold stored at vaults in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Cayman Islands. Other vaults will be added in the future.


Orocrypt is a company that issues tokenized assets. It issues ERC20 tokens that represent ownership of the digitised assets. The company's first product offers gold investors a safe method to digitize bullion gold, convertible on demand and an online web platform to trade them. It is compatible with all Ethereum wallets allowing for direct P2P transfers. Tokens are secured on the Ethereum blockchain. Orocrypt has launched the OCG gold-backed token, each representing 30 g of LBMA compliant bullion gold. In the future, we will expand to other assets and bespoke tokens.

Tokenized Precious Metals

  • Liquid

    Easily traded with us or P2P. Tokens can be traded on secondary markets at any time.

  • Store of Value

    The OCG token is a digitized gold storage receipt for 30 grams of bullion gold. The tokens can be redeemable into bullion upon demand.

  • Private

    It benefits from the privacy of the Ethereum blockchain and Panamanian privacy laws.

  • Collateral

    The tokens can be used for trade finance, as collateral and other income enhancement strategies.

  • Storage Costs

    The first gold tokens issued represents 30 grams of fine gold and will have no storage costs for a period of three years. These tokens will be limited to a value equivalent of five million euros.


STORED AT Swiss Gold Safe Ltd Switzerland
Byzantium Ltd Cayman Islands
SWP Cayman Islands
AUDITED BY inspections conducted by SGS
MANAGED BY specialized high security precious metals vaults around the world
GOLD SOURCED BY Rheingold-Edelmetall Liechtenstein, Byzantium and SWP Cayman Islands


  1. June 2017

    • OROC share-tokes built and available in live ICO.
    • Vaults secured worldwide to store gold.
    • Contracts secured with bullion suppliers.
  2. April 2018

    • Gold-based tokens launched.
  3. 1st Quarter 2021

    • Silver backed token will be launched.
    • Each token represents 1 kg of fine silver.
  4. 3rd Quarter 2021

    • Profitable bespoke token representing novel gold and silver ownership structure will be released.
  5. 4th Quarter 2021

    • Quantitatively managed fund representing mix of cryptocurrencies and precious metals planned to launch

Long Term Vision

We envision a world in which anyone can buy, trade and exchange physical assets, digitally without a middleman. Where every one has control of their own possessions.


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our team

  • Alejandra de Gaustad

    Founder and CEO

  • José Antonio de la Cerda


  • Darlene Hart


  • Margaret Bentham



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